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Bus Insurance

Types Of Buses

There are four common types of buses that can be registered in Singapore. They are private, commercial, excursion, and school buses.

Commercial Buses

Private hire buses are also known as commercial buses.

These buses can be used for private charter services such as transporting working adults to and fro their workplaces to pick-up points. They are also commonly used to ferry school children and/or their staff from home to school – vice-versa.

Some bus owners are also able to benefit a 50% rebate on road tax if they manage to cover enough transportation trips for school children.

These buses must be registered under a company or an individual according to LTA.

School Buses

School buses are under contract and mainly serve to transport the school’s staff and students. The bus owner can use it to transport working adults to and fro their workplaces if they got an Adult Workers’ Contract (AWC) permit which costs $5 for 6 months.

Private Buses

Private buses are owned by the companies themselves to help their employees and workers, or people related to their business with transport. Such services do not earn any profit at all.

They are also known as company buses. These buses must be registered under a company name according to LTA.

Excursion Buses

Excursion buses are similar to commercial buses but they have more flexibility in what the bus can be used for.

They are allowed to carry tourists and be used for unscheduled services where passengers would have to pay a separate or distinct fare.

These buses must be registered under a company name according to LTA.

Types of Insurances For Buses In Singapore

All the types of buses mentioned above require commercial vehicle insurance coverage, even the ones with the word “private” in them.

This is because even the private buses are used for commercial purposes. However, it is important to take note that each type of bus is only covered for what they were registered for. So, if any accident were to occur while the bus is used outside the Limitation as to Use stated in the Certificate of Insurance, the owner will not be entitled to indemnity.

For example, if a private bus owner decides to transport groups of school children but a mishap occurred, the insurance will not cover for that incident.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance Coverage In Singapore

Here’s a quick summary of what commercial vehicle insurance looks like:

  • Up to 20% No Claim Discount
  • Authorised Drivers do not have to be named (in most cases)
  • Similar to private vehicle insurance, commercial vehicle insurance is commonly available in these 3 types of plans:
    • Comprehensive Cover
    • Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover
    • Third Party Cover

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