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Commercial Van Insurance

Lian Hong Pte Ltd features over thirty years of experience as a financial provider of quality solutions for motorists in Singapore. We believe in serving our valued customers with the best payment options for maximum coverage while on the road.

Our highly sustainable plans include commercial van insurance that help businesses insure their fleet of vehicles throughout their operations.

Speak to one of our trusted experts who will connect you with the most effective policies catered to your nature of business.

Benefits of Commercial Van Insurance

Commercial van businesses are usually divided into two main categories, delivery and transportation (passenger service) purposes. Choosing the right insurance policy ensures that your business interests are kept safeguarded at all times.

Third-Part Only(TPO) Coverage

This insures policy-holders against damage caused by another person and may include liability (covers medical, therapy and loss of wages) and property charges (damage caused to surrounding landscape). These plans usually have the cheapest premiums due to their limited coverage.

Third-Party, Fire & Theft(TPFT) Coverage

A policy that covers fire and theft claims for vehicles on top of basic third-party coverage. The premiums for these policies cost slightly more than basic plans.

Comprehensive Coverage

These policies provide full coverage, including accidental damage to your vehicle and other charges. These policies have the highest premium fees as they cover motorists for most situations on the road.

Why Choose Lian Hong?

Founded in 1968, the experts at Lian Hong Pte Ltd firmly believe in the constant need of improving service quality and providing motorists with the most effective financial solutions for their driving needs.

Easy Repayment Terms

We offer fixed instalment terms to up to 7 years and maintain strong working relationships with a wide selection of banks, which offers customers greater options in reducing the toll on their finances.

Solutions Provider

We are a one-stop financial provider for your vehicle needs through quality services that include commercial car insurance, travel insurance and work injury compensation insurance.

Lian Hong Pte Ltd offers the most comprehensive insurance coverage for your transport and delivery businesses at highly affordable prices.

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