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Group Medical Insurance

Group Medical Insurance plans are commonly purchased by companies and organisations to provide a range of health and medical coverage to its employees. It is an attractive employee benefit to implement and it offers invaluable peace of mind for employers.

If you are searching for group medical insurance for your company, look no further. Established since 1968 and having good relationships with some of the most reputable insurance companies, Lian Hong is your trusted and friendly one-stop general insurance agency!

Here are a few aspects to take into consideration when choosing suitable medical insurance coverage for your members.

What to consider when buying group medical insurance

Minimum Eligibility Requirement

Group medical plans are most often offered at reduced rates because the insurer’s risk is spread across a higher number of people.The bigger your company is, the easier it is to customise your plans and the more cost savings you enjoy.

If your company is a small one, it is of primary concern to check the minimum headcount eligibility that is required to enjoy the group benefits. A small team may benefit more from individual medical insurance instead.

Type of Coverage

Besides the usual surgical and hospitalisation coverage, you also want to consider other range of protection such as dental, maternity, personal accident, direct settlement with hospital, existing medical conditions and options of rider plans. You may also want to consider getting transferable insurance schemes if you want to up the ante for your employee benefits plan.

Your Workforce’s Existing Coverage

Instead of blindly purchasing, it is advisable to survey and understand the current situation with your employees. If most of them have their own individual medical insurance, it may be a scenario of unnecessary coverage overlaps. It is advisable to work on complementing their existing arrangements than to offer something that is redundant.

Why Choose Lian Hong?

We understand the hassle of comparing group medical insurance plans. That is why our expert team at Lian Hong strives to provide the best consultation and pricing quotes for you. Besides Group Medical Insurance, Lian Hong also offers a full range of other insurance services such as Vehicle insurance, Work Injury insurance, Travel insurance and more. Contact us at +65 6769 4850 now!

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