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Private Bus Insurance

Private buses in Singapore should not be mixed up with private hire buses. Although they fall into different registration categories, both require commercial vehicle insurance despite their names having the word “private” in them.

This is due to the way that they are being used — commercially — by being hired to transport people from place to place by an external party.

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Types of Private Buses

Private Hire Bus

Private hire buses are used to transport adult workers from home to work and vice-versa. Apart from assisting the working adults, private hire buses can fetch children and school staff to and fro their school and home pick-up points.

Private hire buses have an incentive of a 50% rebate on road tax if the driver has met a certain number on ferrying students

Private Bus

Private buses in Singapore are buses that are registered to ferry employees of the bus owner or people linked to the business at no profit. These buses can be registered by the company themselves, with COE requirements in categories C or E.

Excursion Bus

These buses are used mainly for tourists and unscheduled paid services. Excursion buses, like private hire buses, stand to receive a 50% rebate on road tax if the driver has sufficiently ferried school children.

School Bus

School buses are usually used for transporting children and staff from school to home and home to school. However, if the driver is willing to purchase the Adult Workers’ Contract (AWC) permit for $5 for a 6-month period, he/she would be able to transport adult workers from place to place as well.

This permit is issued by the Registrar of Vehicles.

ASEAN Member Country-Registered Bus

For ASEAN member country-registered buses entering Singapore, the bus owners must apply to LTA for a Public Service Vehicle Permit at least 7 days before the vehicle is brought into Singapore. The permit fee is $5 per month or part thereof.

If the bus is used to operate a scheduled bus service into Singapore, it must also seek approval from LTA for the Public Service Vehicle Licence.

Who Needs Private Bus Insurance

As long as you own a private bus, no matter what category that you register it under, you must be covered by the proper insurance — commercial vehicle insurance.

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