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School Bus Insurance

Operating a school bus means that there the driver is responsible for the lives of children and adult passengers. Ensuring that the school bus has insurance is important in protecting not just the vehicle but people as well.

On top of careful and cautious driving, a school bus driver has to have vehicle insurance as well.

If you’re a school bus driver and need to get insured, you can contact Lian Hong Pte. Ltd. support staff by emailing them at or calling them during office hours (Mon to Fri: 9 AM to 5 PM) at +65 6769 4850.

Lian Hong also provides insurance for charter buses and private buses as well.

Why do I need Work Injury Compensation Insurance?

Under the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA), employers must maintain insurance for employees involved in manual work as well as non-manual workers earning SGD$1,600 or less a month. This insurance is a way to indemnify against claims under WICA.

Importance of School Bus Insurance

Get more clients for your school bus service

Due to the fact that school buses’ primary purpose is to transport young children, contracts and regulations are more stringent in Singapore.

On top of that, having your school bus insured is an obligation in Singapore’s law.

Having the right insurance for your bus will give you, your employer, and passengers peace of mind. As a school bus driver, you will be competing with many other contractors that offer the same service and bus. Getting coverage that protects the vehicle and passengers will give you the edge in winning the contract and getting a client.

Be well-covered in the case of an accident

As much as you put in your best effort to ensure a smooth and safe journey for your passengers, there is a chance where you might get caught in an accident that is completely not your fault at all. Some examples are other drivers’ drink-driving, reckless driving, etc.

Students, teachers, working adults, and yourself could get injured in the process. Therefore, you’d want to drive on the roads of Singapore knowing that you are able to pay for the medical fees of any injured passengers or parents who might decide to sue you for damages.

Getting the right bus insurance can protect you from all these hefty fees.

Protect yourself from unpredictable situations

There are some things that happen that are unpredictable and entirely out of your control. Such is a mechanical failure or vehicle breakdown.

If your bus suffers a mechanical failure, you won’t be able to collect students that day. Thus, no income for an entire day.

Having insurance allows you to not worry as your bus can be covered for such situations and you are able to claim for reimbursement.

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