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Work Injury Compensation Insurance

Work Injury Compensation Insurance is an essential consideration for any employer. Not only is it a statutory requirement by the Ministry of Manpower, work injury compensation insurance ensures an invaluable peace of mind for employers and employees alike.

At Lian Hong, your satisfaction is our priority. Established in 1968, we have a successful panel of experts to equip you with any insurance-related needs you might have. Lian Hong offers a personalized and dedicated service with every client inquiry. Our extensive insurance solution extends to Professional Liability Insurance , Commercial Vehicle Insurance , Travel Insurance  and more.

Why do I need Work Injury Compensation Insurance?

Under the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA), employers must maintain insurance for employees involved in manual work as well as non-manual workers earning SGD$1,600 or less a month. This insurance is a way to indemnify against claims under WICA.

The Advantages of Work Injury Compensation Insurance

Protect Your Most Valuable Support

As any employer, protecting your company is of utmost priority. Work Injury Compensation Insurance safeguards against unforeseen circumstances and unexpected accidents as well as your company. This is because all employers are liable to compensate an employee for death, sickness or injuries that arise during the period of employment under the WICA. This insurance ensures you meet the compulsory requirements as well as employee liability.

Health and Safety Management Support

The Work Injury Compensation Insurance is a proactive approach your company can take in managing risks. It helps identify potential hazards in your business and implement methods to manage them. Additionally, this Work Injury Compensation Insurance is a proven method to manage serious accidents and aids your employee’s early return.

Why Choose Lian Hong?

The Leader in Providing Financial Solutions

Lian Hong has been an industry pioneer for the insurance and financial solutions. We make it a point to understand your business to ensure that you receive the best innovative solution. Here at Lian Hong, our team of professionals is committed to helping clients stay ahead of risk and providing solutions in times of need.

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