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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

If your company owns a commercial vehicle, it is mandatory to have commercial vehicle insurance. Protect your company assets now with Lian Hong Pte Ltd! Trusted by clients for over 35 years, Lian Hong is a leading provider of Commercial Vehicle Insurance in Singapore.

We cover all types of commercial vehicles, be it a lorry, van, commercial car or even a bus. Equipped with years of expertise, our professional sales team are adept at understanding your specific requirements and helping you to choose the best commercial vehicle insurance solution.

Why Choose Lian Hong For Your Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

Hassle-Free Quotations

The premium of commercial vehicle insurance varies on a case-to-case basis and is determined by the current market value, the vehicle model, the commercial classification it belongs to and the age of the vehicle. It is a lot of trouble to compare quotes across insurers because this information is not readily available online. Our team at Lian Hong can accurately assess and provide informative consultations so that it is a breeze for you to compare quotations.

Better Understanding Of Each Insurer’s Coverage

Besides the basic accident coverage, third-party coverage is necessary to cover against damages to other vehicles in an accident and also covers third-party liability against physical injuries and deaths. Opting for personal accident coverage will increase the insurance premium but will be advantageous in protecting and compensating your drivers in the case of unfortunate accidents.

As with any insurance plans, there are many types of commercial vehicle insurance packages to choose from and choosing the right one can be a hassle. We can give you sound advice in choosing the most suitable plan!

Knowledgeable and Efficient Team

As a result of decades of experience in handling all sorts of commercial vehicle insurance requirements, we fully understand that every business has varying needs. Our team is dedicated to providing best-customised insurance solutions and the best customer service to each and every client.

Besides providing an extensive range of commercial vehicle insurance plans, Lian Hong also offers work injury compensation insurance and group medical insurance so that your employees are well protected as well. Do not hesitate to contact us for a speedy and customised quotation!

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