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Travel Insurance

When planning a vacation, most people focus on putting together the perfect itinerary and searching for suitable accommodation. However, many travellers neglect the importance of purchasing travel insurance, thinking that misfortune will not befall them. The truth is, travel is always unpredictable.

Building a good reputation since 1968, Lian Hong Pte Ltd strives to be your go-to one-stop insurance agency for all types of travel insurance needs. Equipped with decades of experience, let our expert team at Lian Hong explain to you why is it so important to get travel insurance!

Benefits of Travel Insurance

Peace of Mind

There are many scenarios that can thwart travel plans and many are not predictable and not within your control. A flight can be delayed by unforeseen weather changes, thefts can take place anywhere and road accidents are more prone to occur when you are driving in an unfamiliar country. Buying travel insurance will help give you that peace of mind so that you can fully enjoy your vacation.

Minimise Losses

Unexpected events can lead to exorbitant charges, such as overseas emergency hospitalisation and car accident damages. Travel insurance is a small one-time cost that offers stress-free assurance and allows you to claim compensation so that your losses are not so high.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

Being stranded in a foreign or remote country with no one to help you can be very traumatic. Maybe you are being separated from your family the occurrence of a natural disaster or maybe there is miscommunication due to language barriers. In any case, a reputable travel insurer offers 24/7 emergency hotline assistance that will address your concerns and provide the necessary help required to get you to safety.

Why Choose Lian Hong?

Instead of leaving your travel security to fate, travel insurance is a much wiser choice that will act as a security blanket from the unexpected costs of accidents, damages and travel inconveniences.

From a whole host of travel insurance packages to corporate insurance solutions such as vehicle insurance, public liability insurance and group medical insurance, our efficient and friendly team is always here to ease your worries. Contact Lian Hong now!

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